Speaker Glasses / Glass Speakers

Cool speakers are becoming an obsession here at SuperMegaDailyCool! Here are some super mega cool examples from swedish design outfit Front.

Check our previous post for another hit of speaker love.

Blossoming accessory hangers

Finally! Someone has applied good design to the aim of sorting necklaces and accessories for the ladies. Check out these wall hangings from The White Hotel Selection.

Belgium based, this unique online store offers a selection of hotel luxury goods that aren't usually available to the common public. Awesome, no need to stuff those silk sheets into your overnight tote anymore!

Arabia - The Future of Architecture?

Home to some of the world's large reserves of oil, cashed up Arab governments and corporations are splashing out on some of the world's most exotic, futuristic and, in many cases, weird architecture.

Firms from around the world, such as OMA, Foster Partners and others are opening regional offices, with Dubai being the preferred choice for many, becoming a major Arabian centre of innovation, commerce and culture.

If the internet were a japanese subway...

Then it's map would look a little like this.

The guys behind it are amazing, Information Architects are interface and useability consultants living in Japan. Chec out their site, it's very interesting.

Easy Trashcan

This wooden peg-based trash can comes from Hommin, created by designer Hung Ming Chen. Simply cool.

Fashion Forward

Fresh off the technicolour DeathStar, Fashion Now and Science Fiction

Jake Briefcase

Handsome grey leather brief from Jake. $995.00, holds up to 17" laptop, comes with lock and key.

Jonathan Adler

Handcrafted contemporary decor additions: Jonathan Adler's Duggist Jar set, $195.00, made from matt white porcelain. Dee-licious.